Avery Gardner continues to carve the niche he started nearly ten
   years ago when he picked up the four-string duty as a favor to a
   friend. The 25-year-old bassist and music entrepreneur began his
   musical studies on the cello and guitar as a small child. Since his early
   start, Gardner has asserted himself both as a capable musician and as
   an entertaining character.

       "The bass rattles me in all the right places," he quips. "In my mind,
   the bass is the most important thing happening. It controls the whole
   dynamic and feel of music on albums and live performances alike.
   Gardner, an experienced player in genres ranging from jazz to heavy
   metal and country, expresses his musical sensibilities best through the
   bass. "The bass is what makes you bob your head, stomp your feet,
   throw up the goat, or whatever it is that you do when you hear music
   that is fulfilling to you," Since his start on the four-string nearly a
   decade ago, Gardner has played over 1200 shows throughout the
   country and has been featured on over 15 albums belonging to artists
   of varying genres.

    by journalist Shane Newsome

Email: avery@theranchhands.com

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