Charlie began playing the guitar at age eight and was soon accepted
   into The Fine Arts Center where he studied Jazz throughout high
   school. Before leaving to further his musical studies at the University
   of North Texas, he was awarded the Outstanding Senior Guitarist
   award in 1999. It was in Texas that he fell in love with the acoustic
   guitar after trading in his electric for a vintage archtop. Next up was a
   move to Asheville, North Carolina to start the progressive bluegrass
   band, Steel String Theory. He recorded Curve in the Road with SST
   in 2004 and produced The North Buncombe Years for the band in
   2006 along with Charlie Chamberlain Christmas (2008) and a yet to
   be released record of original compositions. Now living in Chapel
   Hill, NC, Charlie continues to write and produce music for televison
   and film and performs throughout the U.S. and Europe with the
   Nashville based, modern country band, The Ranchhands.


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